Carolyn Bradford August 13, 2017

​I purchased the Wood Wizard over a month ago and the 1st time I used it I knew this the the grill cleaner that I have been looking for in years after buying junk brushes! I use mine on my Traeger at least every 2nd night and my grill is always clean & ready to cook on. Great tool to have & no more wire brushes that fall apart & end up in your food!!

Bought one for the cottage and one for home a few weeks ago at our local them! I feel so much safer using them!


Wire brush you're in the garbage. Wood Wizard you're on deck!
I'm so glad to have received this handy bbq tool for cleaning our grill. No more worries of metal wires ending up in our food and ultimately lodged somewhere in our digestive system. Thanks for giving us a safe and superior alternative to the crappy wire brush.​

Diane Giroux Spinks  June 22, 2017

P. Fraser April 2018

After reading how people swallowed bristles from wire barbecue brushes, I promptly threw mine in the garbage. A few months later a friend gave me a Wood Wizard for Christmas, and it works great! P. Fraser, 

Lana Baker  July 17,2017